Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 6 Pictures - Rocky Mtns. National Park

Many pictures were taken on this day at Rocky Mountains National Park, here are the top 20 pictures from me:
Panoramic picture from the hike up to the top of Rocky Mtns. National Park
EElk feeding near town in the evening

Elk that crossed the road right in front of us

Yellow Marmot - One of my new favorite animals!

Big Horn Sheep

Male Elk with nice rack!

Elk crossing the stream

Another Elk!

Shawn conquering the mountain!

Hatsue climbed to the top, too! - 2.3 miles above sea level! She's a trooper!

I made it to the top of Rocky Mountains National Park!!

The hike up to the top of the trail - was about a 400-500 foot elevation climb + the higher level air = harder breathing!

Snow warning!

Shelley standing next to the snow

Shelley and my mom pretending to fall over the edge - this makes my dad all flustered because that is when accidents could happen!!!

Shelley trying on an antler!

Water/Melting snow going down the mountain

Beaver Ponds

Shelley and I with Long's Peak in the background

Sign says it all...

Workers put a rock wall together in the park near a turn-off.

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  1. What AMAZING pics Shawn! Such a once in a lifetime trip!!!