Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are rollin' NorthEast on I-40 passing Daggett/Newberry Springs!

Shelley here! We were up at 5am this morning. Loaded up the first things at our place and then over to Elsinore to pick up the parents. Stopped at Costco for cheap gas. Wow, compared to my Prius 10 gallon tank, this 55 gallon tank is expensive. Then off to Norco RV Shop to add Bob and Shawn, so they can drive this beast, as much as I love driving this thing. Quick stop in Rancho Cucamonga to take care of a few work details before officially leaving town. Happy to be out of town way ahead of schedule, (yes, I have a schedule.) Shawn is driving and I have no idea how to add pics so he can add them later and show me how.

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