Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shawn's Typical Day on the RV Trip...

  1. Wake-up about 5:30 - 6:00

  2. Take Dallas out to T.C.B. (Take Care of Business)

  3. Feed Dallas

  4. Grab stuff to take a shower

  5. Walk to the shower and also TCB myself!

  6. Walk back to the RV, and the parents are up and getting ready for the day.
  7. Eat breakfast - Honey Nut Cheerios, oatmeal, Eggo Waffles, egg beaters, turkey sausage, bananas, apples, cantaloupe, hot pockets, etc.

  8. We drain the RV of the black/grey water, electrical, and water hook-ups.

  9. Lock all the side storage bins and hop into the RV.

  10. Double check we are ready to take off for the day or to our next destination.

  11. Start driving....

  12. I like to snack while I am driving, so we've bought many snacks for me to munch on. Here is a list of some: sunflower seeds, beef jerky, various snack size chips, fruit snacks, Life Savers, Jolly Ranchers, red & black licorice, salt water taffy, Bit'o Honey, Idaho Spud, Good & Plenty, etc....
  13. Now I need something to drink - Diet Coke, Sprite Zero, water, water w/crystal light packets added, Monster, orange juice, etc. No coffee for me, thank goodness I don't have that addiction!
  14. Drive....
  15. Stop off for a bathroom break, Dallas bathroom break, and/or gas fill-up.
  16. Back on the road...
  17. Lunch time - my mom pretty much was in charge of lunch. We had turkey breast, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, mustard sandwiches/wraps almost everyday. They were delicious!
  18. Get to our destination and try to find a place to park the RV!
  19. Check out the visitor centers, walk around, drive through the park/area, take way too many pictures, soak up the scenery, gift shops, get National Park Cancellation Stamp for our passport(we got about 30 different stamps from all the locations we visited), and back to the RV to go on to the next stop.
  20. Drive...
  21. Stop at next destination or check into our RV camp for the evening.
  22. Parents go into to check on reservations and campsite location, bathrooms, showers, and other things.
  23. Pull or back into site and connect the hook-ups again.
  24. Get stuff ready for dinner - BBQ'd chicken breast, turkey burgers, veggies, etc. Sushi, chili, spinach lasagna, hot pockets, hot dogs, etc.
  25. Clean-up and take Dallas out to TCB.
  26. Parents get their shower things ready and head to the showers about 9-10PM.
  27. Shelley and I change into sleepwear and get our sleep bags out for the night.
  28. Maybe turn the laptop on to see if there is a connection (most places weren't to great!) and update blog and Facebook.
  29. Starting to get tired, putting stuff away to lay down.
  30. Sleep...
  31. Wake-up early and it all starts again...

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