Monday, June 15, 2009

Ross Family Vacation - Summer 2009

Here is our tenative itinerary for this adventure:

Day 1 - June 17 -- Lake Elsinore, CA to Kingman, AZ
Day 2 - June 18 -- Kingman, AZ to Albuquerque, NM
Day 3 - June 19 -- Albuquerque, NM to Canon City, CO
Day 4 - June 20 -- Canon City, CO
Day 5 - June 21 -- Canon City, CO to Estes Park, CO
Day 6 - June 22 -- Estes Park, CO
Day 7 - June 23 -- Estes Park, CO to Custer,SD
Day 8 - June 24 -- Custer,SD
Day 9 - June 25 -- Custer, SD to Buffalo, WY
Day 10 - June 26 -- Buffalo, WY to Yellowstone, WY
Day 11 - June 27 -- Yellowstone, WY
Day 12 - June 28 -- Yellowstone, WY to Ogden, UT
Day 13 - June 29 -- Ogden, UT to St. George, UT
Day 14 - June 30 -- St. George, UT to Lake Elsinore, CA/Murrieta, CA


  1. Hope you all have a great trip! Enjoy your time off from work. We know you deserve it. See you in August!


  2. Hey, Shawn and Family! I was having trouble with the blogsite from home, so took the site address to my nephew at a family gathering for Father's Day, and he got right in on his I-Phone! So, I tried again today off of Danny's computer, and it worked fantastically! Yeah! I was able to catch up on your trip. I have enjoyed this so much!

    I love the pictures of the forts (I know you all must just be imagining what happened on those same grounds years and years ago!). But, Shawn---don't even think about leaving us at Perris Elementary to move to another state! We are going to have to "go to this football game together as a team" next year! Anyway, be careful out there on the road, and thanks for including us!