Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rushmore, Rocky Mtns., Wind Cave, and Crazy Horse Pictures

Here are some pictures:

Wind Cave - Popcorn formations
Night laser light show at Crazy Horse Memorial - very good show!

Here is one of many light colors from the show!

Some buffalo crossing the road...

Wind Cave Nat'l Park - These caves aren't like your normal stalagmites and stalactites caves - they have boxwork, popcorn, and frost formations which is very rare globally!

Example of boxwork formations

More boxwork formations

Mountain goat on the side of the road!

Mount Rushmore

Group Photo!

Mount Dallasmore!

Mt. Rushmore from the parking lot

Crazy Horse replica (1:34 scale) and the mountain the background

Group shot at Crazy Horse Memorial

Close-up of Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial - FYI, the four faces of Rushmore can fit on the left side of Crazy Horse's face - so, Crazy Horse's head is much larger than Rushmore's heads!

No explanation needed!!!

Shelley and the Presidents!

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